About ME

Hello! Is it me you're lookin' for?

 I'm Traci Sally, nice to meet you!

I'm an artist, designer/illustrator currently living in sunny Southern California! I grew up in the suburbs of Philly and attended Tyler School of Art, Temple University where I discovered my love of all things print and illustration. You can usually find me in the corner of one of my favorite coffee spots with a sketchbook and an iPad or enjoying long walks at the beach brainstorming my next project.

My work has been featured in: Bravery Magazine, Ocean City Magazine, Lapidary Journal, Colored Stone, Minted & DesignLoveFest. I also sell to select boutiques &  vendors.

Some random facts about me: I'm a craft hoarder. There, I've said it! I like to work on multiple projects including my newest passion - wood/wall hangings. I have an addiction to pho, coffee and gummy bears. I love 80's music/movies. My favorite places are the desert/Palm Springs, Ocean City NJ (my other home) and driving through the PA Dutch Country when I visit home. History nerd and I may be mildly obsessed with ghost stories/podcasts & binging on Netflix documentaries.

I currently live in Carlsbad, CA with my boyfriend/craft partner and our 2 chihuahuas Porsche & Brick.

Feel free to contact me and say hola!